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William Robertson Lindsay - obituary 1914

1914 Obituary
WILLIAM ROBERTSON LINDSAY was born at Pitlour, Fifeshire, on 18th May 1849.
He was educated at the public school in Inverkeilor and at Arbroath High School.
In 1866 he commenced his apprenticeship in the shops of Messrs. Pearce Brothers, Lilybank Foundry, Dundee, the latter part of which he spent in the drawing office of the same firm. Subsequently he was promoted to be chief draughtsman, a position he held for 10 years.
In 1885 he joined the firm of Messrs. Hick, Hargreaves and Co., Engineers, Bolton, as their chief draughtsman, a position he vacated in 1889 to take over the situation as engineering manager for Messrs. W. B. Thompson and Co., Limited, Lilybank Engine Works and Foundry, Dundee.
In 1895 he started in business as consulting engineer in Dundee. During the latter part of his life he carried on an extensive practice, which was of a varied description, embracing steam-engines, boilers, textile mills and factories in the jute and flax trade and the machines pertaining thereto.
His death took place in Dundee on 24th September 1914, in his sixty-sixth year.
In 1884 he organized the Dundee Mechanical Society, now the Dundee Institute of Engineers, and was elected the first president.
He was elected a Member of this Institution in 1891.

Found at (a link to the 1914 Institute of Mechanical Engineers: Obituaries.)

I think I struck gold with this obituary. It confirmed some information that I already have and gave me some new details to look at. I was able to use this in a class I helped teach recently about writing your family history.

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