Saturday, January 18, 2014

Routes to Your North East Roots

If you have ancestry in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire this web site might be useful for you
To quote their blurb "The purpose of this website is to give you an initial steer on your journey, acting as a directory to the organisations and institutions in the City of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire which hold original records or secondary sources of information that you may find useful in the quest for your ancestors."
As an example - I found an interesting case study about researching lighthouse keepers in the Stories of North East Families section which led me to the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses in the resources section.

The Taylor family case study

The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses has a large collection of archives related to the work of the Northern Lighthouse Board in Scotland and the Isle of Man.
Light keeper service records
Visitor books from various lighthouses
Returns books, including meteorological, light, supplies and letter books, from various lighthouses
Personal memoirs and oral history testimony from keepers and their families.
Photographic archive including all lighthouses in Scotland and the Isle of Man

If you want to visit the museum they recommend you plan ahead. Visit for more details.

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