Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hiring a Schoolmaster

School Board of the Parish of Drymen - 7 March 1891

Minute of meeting of the School Board of the Parish of Drymen, held in the Public School Drymen on Saturday the 7th March 1891 at 3-30 p.m. convened by circulars addressed to the members of the Board.
Mr. Brown Chairman
Mr. Fraser
Mr. Edmond
Mr. Archibald
Mr. Bauchop
The minutes of last meeting were read approved of and signed.
The meeting being chiefly called to draw a short list from the testimonials of the teachers applying for the Mastership of Drymen School which had been under the consideration of the Members of the Board for over a week, the Board agreed that each member should lay before the Clerk (according to his judgement) the names of the four best candidates and in order of merit, it was found in summing up that there were the names of nine candidates in the list but ultimately the Board resolved to reduce it to the following seven candidates as a short list viz.
Mr. William Erskine - Bainsford P. School Falkirk
Mr. Chas. G. Greig - Ladyloan P School Arbroath
Mr. Jas Harvie - Thomson St. P. School Dennistoun Glas.
Mr. William Martin Burt - Lesmahago (cannot read the last previous two words very well)
Mr. John Hall - Hutchisons Grammar School Glasgow
The Board instructed the Clerk to write to the foregoing Candidates to know if it would be convenient for them to come to Drymen School on Tuesday the 17th so that the Board might have an opportunity of seeing their teaching.

Who was hired? My great-grandfather John Hall. He stayed there till he retired in 1926.

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