Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So excited ......

...... because I am heading off to Scotland in May, with two of my daughters in tow, to visit my parents. So far we have our flight to and from London booked (we want to visit my brother) and just have to take care of booking the short hop up to Edinburgh. We have a 4 hour lay-over in Toronto, Ontario on the way over and will be in spitting distance of some family history locations there.  I've already had the "no you cannot leave the airport to go visit ......." speel.
To make good use of my family history opportunity in Scotland I'm going to have to make some tough decisions about who and what I will have time to research.
How to incorporate touristy stuff for my daughters with family places I would like to see.
How much time can I actually spend at New Register House in Edinburgh without the girls "buying up" the whole city :) Last time I was in Edinburgh the new section of NRH was still being built and I so want to see the changes AND check out the newest census record releases (1911).
What research information/notes do I want to take with me just in case there are issues with internet access.
Which cousins do I contact and visit, etc. etc. etc.
I had camera issues last time I did research over there so one of my questions to myself is "Do I want to revisit some areas to get decent photographs or do I want to go to areas not visited before?"


  1. Four hours in Toronto isn't much by the time you get out of the airport. What family history locations do you have around there? You're lucky that you are getting to see your parents and do research at the same time. Have a great trip.

  2. You'll love the new setup at NRH and you can now download images to a memory stick for the same cost as a print - which means the 1911 Census which is over 2 pages comes out in colour if you save it, rather than B&W and A4 if you print it. There was a party atmosphere on Tuesday - I've posted a few pics on my blog if you fancy a peek. Enjoy your trip! Jo

  3. How exciting, i do hope you have a wonderful time. Hard choices to make!! My mr o is over in America, Kentucky, just now on business, and my boy is so excited he is fascinated with all things American ;-)


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