Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Scots-Irish: The Thirteenth Tribe

The longer I live in the south the more questions I get asked about Ireland, specifically the "Scotch-Irish". Yesterday during our question and answer session at our local genealogy group my mind went completely blank when asked for resources and unfortunately I did not have my resources book with me :( (It's at the Franklin FHC if anyone is interested in looking.)

Northern Ireland (Belfast)
PRONI - Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

Southern Ireland (Dublin)
General Register Office

National Library of Ireland

Find My Past Ireland (new)

I have issues with the term "Scotch-Irish" and consider it a purely American "tag" made for convenience sake. Having said that it did originate with the Protestant Irish to separate themselves from the newer Catholic Irish immigrants. Here's some sources about the history.

The Scots Irish - The Thirteenth Tribe

Tracing the Scots Line

Scottish and Scotch-Irish Americans

Scotch Irish Emigration to America

The Irish Story

This wee Scots lass with Irish ancestry is currently trying to work out why her ancestor moved from Ireland to Scotland. I guess I better hit the history books again. Looking at the time period 1790'ish thru 1815.

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