Friday, April 8, 2011

Book Review- History for Genealogists......

The full title is "History For Genealogists. Using Chronological Time Lines to Find and Understand Your Ancestors" by Judy Jacobson, a very long title for a very interesting little book. Very well researched.
It mainly covers USA state timelines and history BUT there's a bit about Scotland at the start and a number of European sections. I'm still reading the book and enjoying it very much.
How did I find the book? My friend Rick attended my class on Timelines and when he saw the book thought I would be interested in reading it. He came into the FHC and I have it on loan from him. I need to buy my own copy because I guarantee I will use it often :)
Here's a taste of some of Judy's timelines -
Major revolutionary war events and battles
foreign military and armed engagements
uncivil disobedience
international disasters
the rise of labor unions

Judy has a lot of concise, well written "shorts" that are packed full of information. A great jump off point to take your own research further e.g. Meandering Boundaries, Ghost Towns, Orphan Trains, The Lost Three States, America's Historical Migration Patterns, to name but a few.

Chapter 2 is specifically about how and why to create Time Lines.

For more information about the book go to

With all the junky weather, bronchitis type stuff that's been going round the family and my own lack of transportation on occasion, today was the first time this year that I was able to go to our local family history group. Thanks to Bob for highlighting my blog at his web page and to everyone who came to our question and answer session. Hopefully between the two of us we were able to provide decent information :)

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