Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stirling Observer - Thursday - June 15, 1944 - Obituary

A poignant sense of loss was felt throughout the parish and district when the sad news spread last week of the sudden and tragic death of Miss Jean Wilson Hall, of Ormonde, Drymen, for many years Sister at the Brock Hospital, Alexandria. Sister Hall met her death as the result of an accident in the course of her duties on Sunday, 4th June, and the grievous news came as a profound shock to the whole community, where she was held in the highest respect and esteem. The second daughter of the late Mr. John Hall, F.E.I.S., schoolmaster, Drymen, Sister Hall took up nursing as a career at an early age, and gained rapid and well-merited promotion in her profession, being most capable and efficient in her duties. Of a most kind and courteous and obliging disposition, Miss Hall endeared herself not only to the patients under her charge, but to a wide circle of friends, and to all with whom she came in contact, being greatly beloved by all who had the privilege of knowing her. The large and representative concourse of mourners who attended the services at Alexandria and at Drymen Churchyard on Wednesday last was a tribute to her worth, and an indication of the painful sense of loss which all sections of the community felt at the sudden and unexpected passing, in its prime, of a gracious and useful and consecrated life. The deepest sympathy of all is extended to her sorrowing family in their sudden and sore bereavement.

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