Sunday, June 21, 2009

Henry Brock Hospital 1924 - 1978

Full name - The Henry Brock Memorial Hospital, Alexandria.

money bequeathed by Henry Brock of Darleith.
Broomley House converted into hospital.

1924 - Brock hospital opened. 2 general wards, 1 children's ward, 1 ward for private patients, operating theater, x-ray room, outpatients department.
1955 - Integrated into Vale of Leven General Hospital which was built on the same grounds.
1956 - 1977 became Geriatric long stay unit and chronic sickness center.
1978 - demolished

My great aunt, Jane "Jean" Hall, was carrying a full tray down the stairs, fell and broke her neck (hence the work related accident mentioned in her obituary). 13 March 1902-4 June 1944. Died age 42.

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