Thursday, March 12, 2009

Harriet Fleming Lindsay (1881-1963)

My cousin Bill sent me some family photographs a few months ago which was a nice surprise. His grandmother Harriet was my grandfather Patrick Lindsay's older sister.

This is one of those family photographs where we know she is in there (far right) but we have very little idea of what the event was, who the other people are, etc. etc. etc. Bill wrote on the back what little he knew including a possible location.

So what do you do to try and place people with an event? First I looked at Harriet a little closer, since she is the relative in the picture that we could positively identify. I've already done a lot of research on our main line and I noticed that she has an engagement ring on her finger. My records tell me that she was married on 5 August 1908 so that places her within a short time frame.

Some other things to look at and ask questions about.
Hairstyles - what would be the typical age for the time period that ladies went from wearing their hair down to always wearing it up. When would ladies have stopped wearing bows in their hair (e.g. before or after marriage)?
What type and style of clothing, is being worn? Jewelry, spectacles?
Any unusual elements (in this case the greenery on their blouses)?
Kind of event - informal, formal ?
Possible ages of participants?
Location? If outdoors, which season?
Who took the photograph (amateur or ptofessional? Is there a name and address for the professional?

What we have in this instance is everyone with hair up in their best clothing at what appears to be an afternoon tea party. Season - probably late spring/early summer in the corner of a garden. The only lady without the greenery is sitting at the table and my guess would be she is the hostess or the party is in her honor.

The lady in the glasses looks like she might be older than the rest of the group. Her hair is set in an older style. Some of the group look like they are wearing the same pendant so that might be an avenue to explore. Harriet has a large bow in her hair.

My cousin suggested a location near Camelon, Stirlingshire but Harriet did not move from Dundee, Forfar till after her marriage so that may widen the search for historical information.

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