Thursday, March 5, 2009

Clan Lindsay Gathering, Kinnaird Castle, 1902

Photographs are a huge source of information for many people researching their families. My father owns the original photograph from the gathering and very kindly took a number of photographs of it for me. It originally belonged to the Paton family (my grandfather's sister)

The little laddie near the front wearing a kilt is my grandfather. His parents, William Robertson Lindsay and Mary Anne Lindsay nee. Arthur, are 3 rows behind him (cap and flowery hat). Some of his siblings might also be in there but there is no list of names to identify everyone. The article in "Publications of the Clan Lindsay Society, Edinburgh, 1904 no. 3" sent to me by Gordon Lindsay in 2006 does not list all who went to the event. A number of people are helping me to try and piece the information together.

So make sure you label your photographs with event, date, place and most importantly who is in the picture.

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  1. In Kinnaird Worldwide, I am a descendant of family number 36. Great Grandfather was Elijah Blackstone Kinnaird. I plan on being at the Kinnaird Family Reunion on July 28th, somewhere around Franklin, KY.


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