Friday, June 3, 2011

Greetings from Bonnie Scotland

I was planning on doing some genealogy research and visit New Register House while here in Scotland. Well I've been doing some research but not quite in the way I was planning.
I transcribed my grandfather's WWI Prisoner-of-War memoir and had my brother scan a number of photographs, drawings and other items for me. Now I have the basis for some research that I can hopefully put together into a short book to give back to my family and the historical society in the town my grandfather grew up in.
We had the opportunity to go to Edinburgh yesterday and we chose to go to the castle, amongst some other places. The military exhibitions scattered round the castle are quite fascinating and in some instances, quite overwhelming. We started out at the Scottish Military History area, which I highly recommend. It appears to be one of the 'quieter' areas of the castle but definately prepares visitors well for the rest of the tour.

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