Friday, March 5, 2010

It's all about the box

My daughter headed out to school today with a large box filled with items for an art project. She had been gathering things for a couple of weeks based on her theme. Never ceases to amaze me what seemingly unrelated objects can be gathered then combined together to make a work of art.
Genealogy can be like that, especially when you are first starting out. You might have lots of "odds and ends" scattered round your house, many seemingly unrelated. Some items may be complete mysteries because they have never really been looked at. So get yourself a box, and start gathering items. Take your time, maybe a few weeks. GATHER DON"T SORT !!!!!
Some things to gather.
BMD certificates
family stories
personal items e.g. baby clothing, small toys
newspaper articles
favorite recipes
magazine articles
I have a cardboard slimpick wallet folder that is old, worn and very much used. It has travelled many places with me and been used for many different family history projects. I am currently using it to gather information for project but it started out as my basic genealogy info carrier in the early 80's and became my "lightweight briefcase" for such when I moved "across the puddle" in 1987. It sits in a plastic tub with some bulky items and comes in very useful if I need to grab something for classes.


  1. dear carol, thank you for visiting my blog, sorry i took so long to visit back. How interesting that you were born in scotland, you have some fascinating info on this blog, i am off for another browse

  2. This is good advice, which I'll pass on to my daughter. We were reading the births, marriages and deaths in the old family Bible when we were visiting my father recently, and my teenage daughter announced she'd like to start to trace the Stewart part of the family history. (the Bruce side is already well taken care of). I don't have a clue where to start, so I'll keep checking back here for pointers.


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