Friday, October 9, 2009

A new venture for me

I was working my shift at the Franklin FHC yesterday when who should call but one of the members of the Bellevue Genealogy and Family History group that I belong too. He wanted to make sure I was there before heading on over. We got deep into conversation about one of his ancestors who turned out to have Irish Quaker roots. A new area of research for me and one that is proving fascinating. One of the other patrons got so interested he joined in the discussion too :)

The Quakers, who keep extremely good records, arrived in Ireland about 1660'sh and initially settled in Mountmellick. Now that name bugged me for a while till I realized it's also a form of textile that I had been learning about a few months ago. They expanded out to different communities and then came to America in groups.

I plan on learning more about this interesting group of people.

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