Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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FamilySearch is a fabulous resource for any genealogist. Over the past 12 months or so the site has been given a new "look". I have to say that as a long time user I like what is going on.

Under What's New take a stroll through the Family History Lesson series. Very informative and great for beginning genealogists or those who may need to brush up their skills (and who does not need that from time to time.)

Would you like to take part in indexing? Go to help create free public access to U.S. census records. Every member of my family has at some point participated in this project. All my kids loved it. 

If you are a Family History Library "junkie" and can visit the "mecca" of research there is a schedule for monthly classes and upcoming events. One of these years I'll get out there and visit the deepest bowels of the building for the British section :) 

So take some time to stroll through the site. New items will be added from time to time so keep on visiting. The local Family History Centers can order film from Salt Lake if you cannot go there yourself.

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